Encosta Praia da Luz

Luxury Villas Algarve

Encosta da Luz

What is a luxury home?

Located in a quintessential beach area, the 8 luxury villas with an average area of 400m2 offer you, in addition to the Passive House self-contained concept under which they are designed and built, a spectacular sea view, private garden and swimming pool. heated, among others.

Pioneers in Praia da Luz

Eco-Friendly Houses

The village design was developed on a self-sufficient basis using materials other than those typically used.

Praia da Luz

Perfect place to live

Praia da Luz is a small and pleasant beach resort situated on the stunning western coast of the Algarve. Luz surrounds a glorious sandy bay, and combines wonderful weather, delicious food and a warm atmosphere to create the perfect destination for living.


“A garden planted by the sea”.

The hospitality and kindness of the Portuguese, the excellent weather in Portugal, with mild winters and hot summers and its much appreciated gastronomy, are three of the many factors that bring more and more people to Portugal.

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