Encosta da Luz

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Encosta da Luz

Pure Living in Praia da Luz

Encosta da Luz features 8 contemporary luxurious homes with stunning sea views and areas ranging between 350 and 480m2. Built under “passive house” standards, adapted to the Algarve weather conditions, Encosta uses the most advance solar, water management and insulation technologies to reduce the cost of home ownership and create true eco-friendly living. Following a passive-solar building design, Encosta features overhanging eaves that control solar penetration, exposing windows to direct sunlight progressively during winter while shading them in the summer. All-natural finishes and low-emission materials make for comfortable, healthy living in one of the most desirable places in the world. 


Eco-Friendly Living in Praia da Luz

In addition to human-friendly design, the all-natural and low-emission materials promote health and comfortable living in one of the most beautiful and peaceful places on Earth, yet close to all the modern conveniences.

Praia da Luz

Perfect place to live

Luz is a small, family-oriented, seaside village situated 5 km outside of Lagos, near the Vicentine Coast National Park. The village is nestled in a sandy bay with a black rock protrusion to the east, called “Rocha Negra”, and an inclined ledge to the west that continues to make a slopping cliff at “Cama da Vaca.”



It is impossible to come to the Algarve and not fall in love with it. Referred to as “the best place in the world to live or retire that nobody’s talking about,”* the Algarve has become home for a growing number of expatriates from Northern Europe and elsewhere. Its signature beaches, mild weather, and 300+ days of sunshine, which have some referring to it as “the Southern California of Europe,” make the Algarve the perfect place to call home year-round.

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